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Sportful history starts back in 1946, when the Cremonese family put into practice the idea of building up a spinning mill: Manifattura Valcismon.

With the years the production evolved to the realization of a high quality underwear, in the beginning just for the internal market and after for the American one.


The turning point is in 1972, when Dr. Giordano Cremonese, whom succeed to his parents at the head of the company, wanted to participate to the newborn Marcialonga, but he didn’t have the right clothing equipment. So he decided to create his own in the family company. That’s the birth of SPORTFUL brand. In 1985, thrilled by the brilliant experience in Cross-Country Skiing, the company embarked on a new adventure thanks to the growing request of technical Cycling clothing.


In 1998, after the great results in Italian Cross-Country Skiing, Sportful decide that is time to expand business in foreign markets; in 2007 the company enters in the mountain clothing area, creating the brand KARPOS, a range of technical garments designed for outdoor activities: climbing, excursions and ski touring.


The company has been the technical sponsor of the best sports teams … from Mapei & Tinkoff to the Italian National Team in cycling, the National Teams of France, Finland, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic in Cross-Country Ski.

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